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a Schoeller reflective nylon (or non-reflective nylon) with RiRi zippers, light weight, made to last a lifetime, and no offensive logos, waterproof construction, carry golf bag. Who would invest in this? Rich guys that golf.

comfy pants

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undercover + polartec



Priory Wen Pant.png

priory wen pants

Patagonia Men's Synchilla® Snap-T™ Fleece Pants.png

Patagonia Men's Synchilla® Snap-T™ Fleece Pants

 LL Bean Primaloft

LL Bean Primaloft

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Tigre Brocante





standalone trackpant .png

standalone trackpant



My philosophy of equity feminism demands removal of all barriers to women’s advancement in the political and professional realms. However, I oppose special protections for women in the workplace. Treating women as more vulnerable, virtuous or credible than men is reactionary, regressive and ultimately counterproductive.

Complaints to the Human Resources department after the fact are no substitute for women themselves drawing the line against offensive behavior — on the spot and in the moment. Working-class women are often so dependent on their jobs that they cannot fight back, but there is no excuse for well-educated, middle-class women to elevate career advantage or fear of social embarrassment over their own dignity and self-respect as human beings. Speak up now, or shut up later! Modern democracy is predicated on principles of due process and the presumption of innocence. - Camille Paglia